Win a Free iPhone App is an iPhone software developer focusing on self-guided city walking tour apps. With over 2,000 walking tours available - spanning over 180 cities worldwide - is the largest travel portal of its kind. They have developed such a tour guide app for the city of Vancouver and is sponsoring a contest for the readers of my blog.

The who can who can answer the following questions correctly and send the answers to will be awarded three city walk iPhone applications to cities of their choice.

Here are the questions.

1. Vancouver has earned along its many nicknames, the name of :
A. Vanstock
B. Hong-couver
C. New Beijing

2. One of these opinions is definitely false. But the question is, which one?
A. Vancouver is probably the only place in the world where it is possible to ski, play golf and go sailing, all in the same day
B. Canada owns the North Pole
C. Canada is the world's second largest country by total area

3. Canada is believed to be the home of:
A. The Tooth-Fairy
B. Cindarella
C. Santa Claus

4. These tourists will have a hard time in Vancouver. Simply because there are bans in most places, which prohibit:
A. Dinning with your pet
B. Smoking cigars
C. Flirting with waitresses

5. Vancouverites (people who live in Vancouver) "eat out" more than any other North American city. Related or not, that makes them notorious for:
A. Tipping well
B. Consumming most wine glasses over a meal
C. Skipping lunch

6. In the 1960's in Vancouver was founded one of the world's biggest and most active organizations:
A. Earth Liberation Front
B. Greenpeace

7. Vancouver is one of the few North American cities with no:
A. Old people
B. Street gangs
C. Downtown freeways

8. A certain iconic American musician would spend summers in Vancouver, where his granny lived. Can you guess who?
A. Jimmi Hendrix
B. Bob Dylan
c. Elvis Presley

9. Injecting more than $1 billion dollars into the local economy, Vancouver has the largest (in all Canada):
A. Film Industry
B. Airport
C. Fishing Industry

10. Which one of the following fine things listed below, simply cannnot be purchased from a grocery store in Canada:
A. Alcohol
B. Condoms
C. Medicine